Small talk x1,000,000,000

I have a difficult time talking with my supervisor. We have a complicated relationship to begin with, and then add communication issues. Real communication issues. I think we are speaking the same language, but we rarely understand each other. It’s difficult. And that’s just in the office.

This week, I am spending a total of 10 hours in a car with him, one on one, doing boring menial work. It’s what small talk was made for. Chat chat chat, do a little burst of work, chat chat chat.

Which means we’re failing miserably. We both made a good effort of trying to get to know one another better, more informally, but it was just so forced. And I’m afraid that if I take the conversation too light-hearted, I’ll come off as a too-young, shallow, idiot. I just want to break the darn ice already.

One more chance at it tomorrow. Will report if conditions improve.


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