Your annual geology lesson

So I mentioned it last time that I use the Lake Agassiz Regional Library. The City of Moorhead doesn’t have their own system so northwestern MN is grouped together (although Fargo does, and there is reciprocity between the two).

What the heck is Lake Agassiz?

Lake Agassiz is a glacial lake that retreated from North America 10,000 years ago. It’s the reason why this area is so freaking flat, and why the area is terrific for growing crops (the soil is still pretty new and hasn’t had all the nutrients sucked out of it yet). As the glacier melted and went away, water covered a huge chunk of the upper US and lower- and mid-Canada. (Take a look at a map.)

The lake only hit part of (what is now) Minnesota. In fact, once you get 15 miles east of here, in Hawley, you’re officially up and out of the lake and on higher, hilly-er ground.

Bonus fact: all the sandbagging we do? The dirt is actually carted up and out of the ridge that lines the edges of Lake Agassiz. They just dig right into the earth, scoop it out, and fill sandbags with it.

Today I had to do traffic counts on a gravel road. That was boring.


One response to “Your annual geology lesson

  1. Thanks! That was good geological stuff. If you live in Minnesota and don’t know about Lake Agassiz, you should take a lesson!

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