The slow-moving flood

(note: sorry for the poor formatting of the text and pictures, but it’s getting late and I’m too tired to fix it)

This is my walk to work over the Red River, marking the MN/ND border (MN on the right, ND to the left). This is what the river normally looks like. (March 24, 17′)

This is what the same spot of the river looked like today, one week later. Note the relationship of the trees on the right bank to the water. I have not zoomed in or anything to alter the perspective. (April 1, a little under 20′)

The picture below is taken from the same spot on the bridge, but looking to the east (right side of the above pictures). The road will probably be flooded by tomorrow, due to a high near 50. The lower level of the parking ramp will be flooded within a week. We are getting a rainstorm on Sunday and Monday.

This past weekend Nick’s parents were in town and we went into the residential neighborhoods to find a place for them to live. We found this device in North Fargo on the river. It’s a large mechanism that funnels large amounts of sand into massive “sandbags” — each is about 8 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and act as a huge barrier. You can see the trail of black “sandbags” stretching for at least two miles. (sorry for the poor pic quality)

I almost always walk to work, but I will likely need to drive during the flood. The bridge that these pictures are being taken on is one of the first to flood. Then, even the shortest pedestrian access to my building will be closed as well. I’m not sure if the re-routed pedestrian route will be faster than fighting traffic in a car over the one remaining bridge in town.

We have, however, had good weather this week: temps near 40 but freezing overnight. That reduces the speed of the water running up here.


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