Wedding-ed out, already

I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m already sick of weddings.

Wait! No! I don’t mean your wedding. Honestly. I love weddings! I really get excited for people getting married, especially when I know both members of the couple, instead of just one. Weddings are full-on Events, it’s something everyone can look forward to, and they’re always a good time. It used to be, back in the day, folks would hold big parties more frequently. But as a society we’ve downgraded to just bar/bat mitzvah’s, weddings, and the occasional 50th wedding anniversary or 90th birthday party. Otherwise, people don’t go out of their way to print special invitations (opting instead of hand-written on ones from Target) or rent a location with catering (don’t get me wrong — I love potlucks!). But, you know, weddings are a big deal, and for good reason.

Unfortunately though, I somehow have hit my limit. Part of it is the daily crazy updates I get from a friend in NJ, getting hitched on May 1. I will be sure to recap it for you guys.

It may also be self-inflicted. I managed to add a (totally reasonable!) wedding blog to my Google Reader. The tag line is “Weddings. Minus the insanity. Plus the marriage.” which really sums it up. It has great content and only updates once or twice a day. But maybe that’s why I feel so overwhelmed with wedding-ness.

But please — don’t stop telling me about wedding things! I am really, genuinely interested in them. I just need to hope that once the NJ one is over, my wedding levels will return to normal.


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