I went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend (note for later: all my cousins are around 30 yo). One of my cousins was chatting with a childhood friend, and the friend said, “There is someone here that I know, but I have no idea how I know her.” Turns out, the friend was referring to me. My cousin figured it out: When I was around 5, my parents dumped me and my brother at my cousin’s house while they went on vacation. That happened to be the same week that my cousin’s friend stayed over for a week as well. I don’t remember this since I was so young. But apparently, twenty years later, the friend recognized me.  I guess it makes a little sense, since she would have been 10 or 11 at the time and have a better memory of the situation. But still!

So… I have the face of a 5 year old? I have changed not one bit in 20 years? Very unusual.

More random:

– I am reading Devil in the White City, and am reminded why I don’t like horror movies (even though it’s 50% an urban planning book!)

– No one in North Dakota sings the soprano descant during the main Easter hymns. Sad face.

– I will be going on a Passover-ish kick today with my cooking. Although I do admit that I will make challah, which is definitely not Passover-approved.

– My bike has been in the trunk of my car for a week, but today will hit 60, so I think that’ll have to happen too.

– I posted for a new roommate on Craigslist, and the only response that’s even been close to what I’m looking for has been a 23 year old guy. Not an ideal fit.

– My sewing projects are wrapping up nicely, which is important since the weather is finally getting decent. I had previously hit a wall of, “Oh man, I can’t do this anymore” but I am trucking on.

– Due to lack of sleep I was pretty worthless at work on Friday, so I went in for a couple of hours on Saturday. Much to my surprise, another co-worker was there. Pretty dedicated, for a guy who just got notice of being laid off.

– My presentation at the conference went pretty well, I think. There are few things more unusual than being a stranger/guest in your hometown. Everyone looks at your nametag like, “Oh, you’re working in Fargo. That means you grew up in Devil’s Lake or something, right?” I am probably overcompensating for looking like an outsider in an area that I am so comfortable with. (Our session leader called me to see if I needed help getting around the St. Paul campus where the conference was being held. Um, no thanks, I can get there just fine.)


One response to “Random

  1. We will have to chat after you finish “Devin in the White City.” I read it last summer! They are making this into a movie too!

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