Roommate carousel

It’s pretty well-established that I am a huge stick-in-the-mud, enemy-of-change-to-my-life. With my zodiac as a Cancer, I’m supposed to be obsessed with “home” and that couldn’t be more true. My living situations are very important to me.

Which makes the number of roommates I’ve had pretty ridiculous. How have I gone through so many?? I was so afraid of roommate issues that I made sure to get a single room for my freshman year of college. For my sophomore year I had a friend for the first semester, but she studied in Ireland in the spring. First, Housing assigned me someone who never showed up. Then I got someone who was displaced by a burst pipe in her room. Then I got someone (turns out, a friend of KtB’s) who was going through a very stressful time with her family. Living at the House smoothed the last few years of college.

I didn’t meet my two roommates in NJ before I moved in. All I knew was that one was from White Bear Lake and one was from Madison, and that was good enough for me. The one from Madison turned out to be one of my best friends (and I got to see her last weekend! yeay!). The other one moved out, and we had a subleaser who was NUTS. Then we moved to a new place and another one of my best friends moved in. Excellent.

THEN I got to live with Nicholas for all of six months. Followed by two chicks I didn’t get along with super-well. In Fargo, roommate #1 has been more than suitable, but she is moving out. Onto #2! I’m hopeful — she seems like she’ll be a lot of fun.

And this doesn’t even count my summer roommates in college (Jackass Boyfriend one year, and Awesome Jenna the next). I suppose all of this shifting around and adapting to change has made me a better person, right??


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