This is what Moorhead looks like

I got to see Kelly’s messy apartment last weekend, so for your enjoyment, here’s what my room looked like Friday afternoon.

So, what’s going on in this picture:

– my bike is here because my new roommate is living in the living room (former home of the bike) until my old roommate moves out.

– to the right of the bike are three sleeping bags and two sleeping pads, for camping with Nick next weekend.

– also in that pile are three boxes of kitchen supplies which I will need after the old roommate moves out

– foreground: pink umbrella drying out

– also foreground: clothes on flood

– unmade bed (~3 days)

– two sets of clean clothes, in attempt for dressing for work, abandoned on the bed

– my orange “commuting bag” which carries everything I need for work. My work shoes are sticking out of it.

– my computer

What you’re not seeing:

– dresser covered in odds ‘n ends

– my file box where I keep important documents, on floor next to dresser.

– my hair dryer and hair straightener on the bed

– a Target bag still full and on the floor

So there you have it.


One response to “This is what Moorhead looks like

  1. Seems like a great case of organized chaos to me. 🙂

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