Solution to this summer’s heat waves

It’ll be pretty hot the next couple of days. The combination of flat terrain + very few trees + lots of asphalt and concrete means you’re walking on a griddle up here. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions.

1) sun tea. Greatest invention ever. I bought one of those glass carafes with the spiggot (?) on the bottom, set it out for a couple of hours, and now I have a tasty treat to cool me off.

2) watermelon. Even if it’s the too-expensive pre-cut stuff at the grab-n-go section of the grocery store.

3) By happy coincidence, my bedroom window faces north. That means that the sun never directly shines on it. Also, I frequently get a breeze (another side effect of the flatness). My room was about 65 degrees all day today. Will probably be camping out here all summer.

4) Each night I’ve been taking a walk for about 1.5-2 hours. But since I don’t like the heat (and am afraid of sunburn/melanoma on my susceptible skin) I only take them starting around 8:15pm.

Yeah, I’m pretty exciting up here.

Also, an important public service announcement: With Nick on his bike ride, and wedding festivities heating up, I will be without most of my gChatters this week. Please help by entertaining me during the workday. Thank you!


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