How to get invited to a wedding at the last minute

It’s not really “last-minute” but I was invited on June 5 and the wedding is July 3. Less than 30 days is pretty quick for wedding timelines.

I met a group of really cool people at my church’s 20s/30s group. This included a couple, about my age, originally from Michigan but who have lived around the country in various places, including Chicago. They got engaged and despite moving to Fargo (temporarily, in a very similar way I got here) wanted to have the wedding in Chicago.

So here we are, one month out, and of their 140 guest list, only 70 have said they’re coming. They promised the reception venue they would have 100.

By chance, Nick and I were already planning on being in Chicago that weekend for a visit, and today at church I mentioned I’d be in town at the same time. Immediately they asked if we wanted to come! They’ve got the extra space, and we get along very well, so it was a natural fit. The reception is very casual, a pasta and pizza affair on the roof of a restaurant just west of downtown.

We have to iron out some details, but I’m thinking it’ll work out. Yeay for new friendships, and weddings, and Chicago! (and yeay for Kelly for continuing to act as my stylist as I looked for a dress to wear)


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