If there was a pro league.

This past weekend Kat and Marcus were married. It was quite the event. She glowed, he couldn’t have looked happier, and we partied.

Since Jeff and I have been dating for 3+ years now, my favorite part of weddings just happens to be the bouquet toss. I know, I know, I pretty shameless. Anyway, I’ve become quiet the pro at catching the bouquet. I’ve caught the bouquet at the last two consecutive weddings I’ve attended and if my future sister-in-law knows me, I’m pretty much a shoe-in for that one too.

My pro-like status has baffled Jeff and since there has been no big news it has been unsuccessful. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes from my lovely boy.

“How does the shortest girl catch the bouquet?”

“Can you put that thing [the bouquet] away yet?”

“Your welcome.” This was directed to all other men at the wedding.


One response to “If there was a pro league.

  1. As I’m also in a 3+ year relationship, I can totally relate to your bouquet-catching efforts.

    My favorite quote of Jeff’s: “Can you put that thing away yet?” 🙂

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