Oh, The Baseball Torture

This post is dedicated to the Twins.

On Saturday I watched the Twins lose 11-1. It was the worst experience of my life. Not only did we drive to Milwaukee to see the disaster, but then had to listen to the crazy Wisconsin fans.

Last night I went the Twins games with my family. I was excited to see the Dodgers and Don Mattingly. I was expecting a pretty close game. Um, and then the Twins showed up to play.  11-1 was embarrassing, 15-0 is just plain pathetic.

So it’s been hypothesized that I am the one to blame. I think I’m going to take a break from baseball. I will do anything if it means the Twins will win again. 

In other baseball news, we did go to Milwaukee. Besides the game it was a blast. Jeff and I finally had a real tailgating experience together. The Twins may have played like a minor league team, but at least Minnesota won the Flip Cup tournament.

Probably the cutest picture ever.

Brewers and Twins Fans still able to sit together.


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