Movie Monday

AFI List continued…

Movies 6-10 actually included most of my favorites.

6. Gone With the Wind. I dreamed that some day I could be a Southern Belle and have a dress made from drapes. If you’ve never seen this one a slight warning–the movie gets really depressing in the second half. Fun fact about the movie (courtesy of IMDB): 1,400 actresses were interviewed for the part of Scarlett O’Hara. 400 were asked to do readings. Wow, Vivan Lee must have been amazing.

7. Lawrence of Arabia. Thank you Global Studies for helping me fulfill this one. Peter O’Toole is a great actor.

8. Schindler’s List. Such passion. Such emotion. So much symbolism.

9. Vertigo. Our first Alfred Hitchcock film. I love these movies. James Stuart is wonderful. Vertigo is a movie that keeps you thinking until the very end.

10. Wizard of Oz. When I was just a tyke I lived and breathed this movie. I know every word and every move. I even know weird facts like, they used jello powder to change the horse’s color and Toto’s real name was Terry. It’s scary.

Next week I’ll mix things up!


One response to “Movie Monday

  1. I hated Citizen Kane. I mean, I know it Revolutionized the way films were shot, but it bored the shit out of me. Bored my socks right off!
    However, Vertigo would probably make my top 100 all-time best movie list.

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