TV, not movies

I wish there were some interesting stories about Moorhead to share. Alas, no.

Kelly is wrapping up her latest movie accomplishment, and at the same time I am finally getting closure on some of my favorite TV shows.

Friday Night Lights is finishing its last season on NBC now (after running last fall on DirecTV first) with only two episodes left. It’s such a beautiful show, not really about football at all. The 1st and 3rd seasons were best, and we don’t think the first half of the second season counts at all. It has been criminally ignored by the Emmy people, but that’s okay, because it was a great show to watch even without the hardware.

Similarly, Battlestar Galactica was a stellar show (the reboot, not original). I got into it pretty late, but it touched on so many important themes like civil rights, guilt, justice, etc. The last episode aired in March of 2009, but I was on spring break in Europe at the time, so I missed it. I heard it was infuriating though — was Kara an angel? what about the chip people? What was the first Earth? Oh well. It was terrific except for the last 70 minutes or so. Thanks to Netflix (the online version) I was finally able to watch the finale episodes. Someday I’ll watch all the episodes again, in order, instead of 2.5, 2, 4, 4.5, 3 and only parts of season 1.

And now that I’m finished with BSG, it’s time to cut off my Netflix free month trial. I’d rather spend the $7 on a sustaining membership at MPR. Let me tell you, the ND/MT version of public radio is lousy. Terrible technical work, voice work, AND programming. MPR is what all public radio should be, and I didn’t realize how good we have it.


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