A Dressy Girl

Lately I’ve been hooked on dresses. Now that summer has finally decided to show it’s sunny face I’ve loved wearing dresses. Since my office is a cool and comfortable ~60 degrees I need versatile dresses that will allow options for cardigans and leggings.

My new finds:

Comfortable for work. Great for summer BBQ’s. It’s from Target and was on clearance.

Sorry, this one is so small. Click on the dress for a better look.

I’ve recently discovered Mod Cloth. It is the prefect balance for me. I fell in the love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I needed a dress for my brother’s upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner and this one will be perfect.

Another Mod Cloth find. I know a lot of people getting married and I always enjoy a good excuse to expand the “wedding wardrobe”. Thanks to the opinion of a few “experts” I decided to land this one.

The nice thing about the these dresses is that I can take them from day to night. I’m pretty excited about this.

New dresses mean new shoes. Go over to La Petite Pancake and sign up for your chance to win a Zappos Giftcard!


2 responses to “A Dressy Girl

  1. Very cute – I especially love the last one!
    Much love,

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