Same problem, different solution

Much like Kelly, I’m also on the hunt for dresses for weddings.

After I found out I was going to a wedding on short notice, I quickly picked up this dress (with assist from Kelly). Unfortunately the only real pictures of me with it are my current Facebook picture and ones taken by the photographers at the wedding, which won’t be processed for a while. Boring pic below.

Then a couple weeks ago, I saw this post on Corporette. I could justify a black dress for only $28 (over $100 reduction!). And it’s actually textured, not a pattern, which I thought would give it a good “fall” look for a wedding in October. So despite never having tried on anything from that brand before, I caved and bought it. (NB: Kat from Corporette says that if you have your credit card number memorized, you probably should ask for a new card. One of the reasons for this is to prevent you from making impulse online purchases. So… yeah.)

At any rate, the dress certainly isn’t bad. But it’s not going to be worn at any wedding.

Exhibit A: My chest.

Yiiiiiiiiikes. That’s not normally how I go out in public. So while I might still be on the hunt for a new “wedding dress,” I know I am set for bachelorette parties for the next 3 or 4 weddings I have coming up!!


2 responses to “Same problem, different solution

  1. lol–Kate, love them both. We’ll find reasons to wear the black one I’m sure.

  2. I love them both as well! I don’t think your chesticles is out there too much. Pop on a pashmina or a scarf if you aren’t super comfortable.

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