Heat Wave

Apparently most folks in the Cities ended up with condensation on every window in their house. We avoided that fate up here, partly because it’s about 5 degrees cooler, and also because my apartment is nowhere near cool enough to create such a contrast. I have been keeping the wall a/c unit on the lowest setting, mostly to suck out the moisture, and turning it up occasionally to cool the place down.

Outside it’s so miserable, I am driving to work this week. Driving takes 3 minutes, 4 max. It’s worth it to save my sanity though.

An old friend from high school visited this weekend, and even though he didn’t stick around (his car’s a/c died… not a pleasant 3.5 hour drive!!) it was great to have a visitor.

For those who keep track of this sort of thing, Nick had a quick trip back from NJ and moved into his new apartment on Monday. He starts work on Wednesday. He may be coming to the Cities this weekend, but it is all still very much up in the air and won’t be decided until the last weekend. Unfortunately this seems to be my life’s “new normal;” constant craziness.


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