I’m back on a cooking jag. A few new recipes and a few classics. I feel good about cooking again, and having good lunches instead of PB&Js. I’m still not technically proficient, but that’s okay. An incentive to cook is to buy meals that require perishables: you can’t let the hamburger meat sit in the fridge for a few days without cooking it first! I try not to freeze the meat because I’ll end up forgetting about it and it’ll get some degree of freezer burn.

Unfortunately I have seriously lapsed my yoga practice. I won’t be able to go this weekend in the Cities.  I still have some flexibility but my range is significantly reduced. I will start up again with the DVDs, but after this ridiculous heat wave is over…


One response to “Housekeeping

  1. Sad to hear about missing out on yoga – I am loving doing it in the heat wave, it has almost helped my practice. I think it is the whole hightened awareness to be drinking more water.
    Much love,

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