I’ve always considered myself a pretty “low-maintenance” person, but I know that over the last few years that’s changed a bit. Sometimes I have lazy days, and sometimes I get super-particular (usually for a conference or interview).

A few years ago I got on the pill and that totally took care of my acne. Most amazing drug ever. But I switched BC earlier this summer and as a result have discovered acne again. Uncool.

Adding to my self-consciousness, I had to wear my glasses for the last month. It sounds whiny, but glasses and I don’t get along. First of all, my current pair was purchased specifically because I wouldn’t wear them a lot: the color doesn’t go with my skin or hair colors, the shape doesn’t flatter my ridiculous eyebrows, and I specifically turned down the anti-glare coating because I don’t wear them that much. And there’s no good way to wear sunglasses, which I’ve come to depend on.

Fortunately, I finally got some contacts (long story). And I sucked it up and went to Clinique. I have zero experience with non-drugstore-caliber skin products, so I’m swimming blind here.

Please let me know which skin care products you like! I am not afraid to try new things (and spend a little money figuring out what is best). I should probably cave and get a Makeup Alley account. And when I hit 30, I am buying whatever wrinkle-protection stuff there is. Although hopefully my vigorous anti-sun regimen will pay off in that regard, too!


One response to “Vanity

  1. I recently went off BC for a bit of time and now my acne is TERRIBLE all over. The only thing I really like is the Proactiv refining mask. I dab this on zits overnight and in the morning they are less angry. Minimizing zit anger is the best I’ve found.

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