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I’m a Gleek

Recently I came across Season 1 of Glee on Netflix instant. Oh.My. God. Why haven’t I watched this show before. So many people have told me how great the show is and I just passed it off.

I’m pretty sure I watched the first season in about 2 weeks. I literally was too busy watching Glee to do anything else. If I wasn’t watching Glee I had the songs in my head or when I heard a song I would think, “I really hope they do this on Glee”. I became obsessed.

The problem occurred when I needed to move on to Season 2. I needed to watch the season to be ready for season 3. Lucky for me, I still own an @edu email account! Thanks to Hulu Plus, I now have a free month subscription, and my love for the show can continued uninterrupted and since Jeff is in New Orleans this week (probably gator wrestling), I have no excuse but to watch it.


A Little Swimmer

We have come to discover that Riley L.O.V.E.S water.

He loves my parent’s pond. I think he would live in it (anyone own a floating food dish?)

I finally decided that Riley was old enough and we went to the lake. He loved every second. Riley has quite the love of tennis balls. He has no problem getting the ball for you, but the bringing it back part is a bit of a struggle. Instead of promptly bring the ball back, Riley decides some extra laps around the dock would be more fun.

A good thing about the lake: Riley was so tired that he slept for a week!

A Dressy Girl

Lately I’ve been hooked on dresses. Now that summer has finally decided to show it’s sunny face I’ve loved wearing dresses. Since my office is a cool and comfortable ~60 degrees I need versatile dresses that will allow options for cardigans and leggings.

My new finds:

Comfortable for work. Great for summer BBQ’s. It’s from Target and was on clearance.

Sorry, this one is so small. Click on the dress for a better look.

I’ve recently discovered Mod Cloth. It is the prefect balance for me. I fell in the love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I needed a dress for my brother’s upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner and this one will be perfect.

Another Mod Cloth find. I know a lot of people getting married and I always enjoy a good excuse to expand the “wedding wardrobe”. Thanks to the opinion of a few “experts” I decided to land this one.

The nice thing about the these dresses is that I can take them from day to night. I’m pretty excited about this.

New dresses mean new shoes. Go over to La Petite Pancake and sign up for your chance to win a Zappos Giftcard!

Movie Monday

The Biggest Surprises

As I made my way through the AFI Top 100 Movies, I knew there would be some movies that I hated and some I loved. The best part about this were those movies that completely surprised me.

The General: A silent movie about a train engineer during the Civil War.  Johnny loses his love after he is rejected to join the Confederate Army. After his train is high-jacked, and his love just happens to be on board, Johnny is able to avenge his honor. The movie is actually pretty funny and the stunts done in the movie are amazing considering the 1926 release date.  Interestingly enough, upon the release of this movie, it received terrible reviews. Now it is considered one of the greatest.

Some Like it Hot: Another comedy that I was pleasantly surprised with. With Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe-this movie was made to be a classic. When Lemmon and Curtis are forced to disguise themselves as women and travel with an all female band, nothing but hilarity can ensue. The lines in the movie have perfect delivery and they have just the right amount of wit that I enjoy. I’ve watched this movie a few times now, and love it every time.

It Happened One Night: I’m probably a sucker for Clark Gable, but this is the perfect romantic comedy! I had no idea what to expect with this one, but I loved it. The theme is timeless, and every romantic comedy to date needs to thank this movie.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf: The movie showcases Elizabeth Taylor at her finest. She is raw, emotional, and stunning(even though she gained 30 lbs for the role.  The movie (based on a play of the same name) shows a couple where emotional abuse fuels their lives.  This a great drama filled with wonderful acting and direction. I didn’t think I would like this movie, but the movie is perfect drama and a classic.

Surprises will continue next week!

Movie Monday

AFI List continued…

Movies 6-10 actually included most of my favorites.

6. Gone With the Wind. I dreamed that some day I could be a Southern Belle and have a dress made from drapes. If you’ve never seen this one a slight warning–the movie gets really depressing in the second half. Fun fact about the movie (courtesy of IMDB): 1,400 actresses were interviewed for the part of Scarlett O’Hara. 400 were asked to do readings. Wow, Vivan Lee must have been amazing.

7. Lawrence of Arabia. Thank you Global Studies for helping me fulfill this one. Peter O’Toole is a great actor.

8. Schindler’s List. Such passion. Such emotion. So much symbolism.

9. Vertigo. Our first Alfred Hitchcock film. I love these movies. James Stuart is wonderful. Vertigo is a movie that keeps you thinking until the very end.

10. Wizard of Oz. When I was just a tyke I lived and breathed this movie. I know every word and every move. I even know weird facts like, they used jello powder to change the horse’s color and Toto’s real name was Terry. It’s scary.

Next week I’ll mix things up!

Oh, The Baseball Torture

This post is dedicated to the Twins.

On Saturday I watched the Twins lose 11-1. It was the worst experience of my life. Not only did we drive to Milwaukee to see the disaster, but then had to listen to the crazy Wisconsin fans.

Last night I went the Twins games with my family. I was excited to see the Dodgers and Don Mattingly. I was expecting a pretty close game. Um, and then the Twins showed up to play.  11-1 was embarrassing, 15-0 is just plain pathetic.

So it’s been hypothesized that I am the one to blame. I think I’m going to take a break from baseball. I will do anything if it means the Twins will win again. 

In other baseball news, we did go to Milwaukee. Besides the game it was a blast. Jeff and I finally had a real tailgating experience together. The Twins may have played like a minor league team, but at least Minnesota won the Flip Cup tournament.

Probably the cutest picture ever.

Brewers and Twins Fans still able to sit together.

AFI Top 100 (Movie Monday)

I’ve always loved  movies. I think I have my dad to thank for this. We would go to rent movies on Fridays, end up with the maximum amount you could rent and then spend the entire weekend camped out watching movies. I loved it.

When I was a teen AFI (American Film Institute) created the Top 100 movies ever made.  I was instantly intrigued and the list was automatically added to my life bucket list.

Well folks, I’ve finally watched all the movies. I’m not going to tell you what I thought of every movie, but I plan on filling you in on the ones I think you should watch. Believe me, your life will be better and you’ll thank me.

I’ll start with the top five and we can work our way through the list.  All of the top five should be watched. It’s pretty much a no brainer.

1. Citizen Kane. Some people often wonder why this film was picked. I loved it and there is a pretty amazing Simpsons spoof based on it.

2. The Godfather. When you watch the Godfather you must immediately follow with The Godfather: Part II.

3. Casablanca. Oh, Rick. If it were my list this movie would number 1.

4. Raging Bull. Robert De Niro is amazing. If you’ve only seen him in Meet the Parents you have no idea what you are missing.

5. Singing the Rain. I could watch this movie over and over again (and I have). I love the bright cheeriness the movie has.

So this list starts Movie Monday. I hope you enjoy the regular schedule program.