I’m back on a cooking jag. A few new recipes and a few classics. I feel good about cooking again, and having good lunches instead of PB&Js. I’m still not technically proficient, but that’s okay. An incentive to cook is to buy meals that require perishables: you can’t let the hamburger meat sit in the fridge for a few days without cooking it first! I try not to freeze the meat because I’ll end up forgetting about it and it’ll get some degree of freezer burn.

Unfortunately I have seriously lapsed my yoga practice. I won’t be able to go this weekend in the Cities.  I still have some flexibility but my range is significantly reduced. I will start up again with the DVDs, but after this ridiculous heat wave is over…


Heat Wave

Apparently most folks in the Cities ended up with condensation on every window in their house. We avoided that fate up here, partly because it’s about 5 degrees cooler, and also because my apartment is nowhere near cool enough to create such a contrast. I have been keeping the wall a/c unit on the lowest setting, mostly to suck out the moisture, and turning it up occasionally to cool the place down.

Outside it’s so miserable, I am driving to work this week. Driving takes 3 minutes, 4 max. It’s worth it to save my sanity though.

An old friend from high school visited this weekend, and even though he didn’t stick around (his car’s a/c died… not a pleasant 3.5 hour drive!!) it was great to have a visitor.

For those who keep track of this sort of thing, Nick had a quick trip back from NJ and moved into his new apartment on Monday. He starts work on Wednesday. He may be coming to the Cities this weekend, but it is all still very much up in the air and won’t be decided until the last weekend. Unfortunately this seems to be my life’s “new normal;” constant craziness.

Same problem, different solution

Much like Kelly, I’m also on the hunt for dresses for weddings.

After I found out I was going to a wedding on short notice, I quickly picked up this dress (with assist from Kelly). Unfortunately the only real pictures of me with it are my current Facebook picture and ones taken by the photographers at the wedding, which won’t be processed for a while. Boring pic below.

Then a couple weeks ago, I saw this post on Corporette. I could justify a black dress for only $28 (over $100 reduction!). And it’s actually textured, not a pattern, which I thought would give it a good “fall” look for a wedding in October. So despite never having tried on anything from that brand before, I caved and bought it. (NB: Kat from Corporette says that if you have your credit card number memorized, you probably should ask for a new card. One of the reasons for this is to prevent you from making impulse online purchases. So… yeah.)

At any rate, the dress certainly isn’t bad. But it’s not going to be worn at any wedding.

Exhibit A: My chest.

Yiiiiiiiiikes. That’s not normally how I go out in public. So while I might still be on the hunt for a new “wedding dress,” I know I am set for bachelorette parties for the next 3 or 4 weddings I have coming up!!

I’m a Gleek

Recently I came across Season 1 of Glee on Netflix instant. Oh.My. God. Why haven’t I watched this show before. So many people have told me how great the show is and I just passed it off.

I’m pretty sure I watched the first season in about 2 weeks. I literally was too busy watching Glee to do anything else. If I wasn’t watching Glee I had the songs in my head or when I heard a song I would think, “I really hope they do this on Glee”. I became obsessed.

The problem occurred when I needed to move on to Season 2. I needed to watch the season to be ready for season 3. Lucky for me, I still own an @edu email account! Thanks to Hulu Plus, I now have a free month subscription, and my love for the show can continued uninterrupted and since Jeff is in New Orleans this week (probably gator wrestling), I have no excuse but to watch it.

A Little Swimmer

We have come to discover that Riley L.O.V.E.S water.

He loves my parent’s pond. I think he would live in it (anyone own a floating food dish?)

I finally decided that Riley was old enough and we went to the lake. He loved every second. Riley has quite the love of tennis balls. He has no problem getting the ball for you, but the bringing it back part is a bit of a struggle. Instead of promptly bring the ball back, Riley decides some extra laps around the dock would be more fun.

A good thing about the lake: Riley was so tired that he slept for a week!

A Dressy Girl

Lately I’ve been hooked on dresses. Now that summer has finally decided to show it’s sunny face I’ve loved wearing dresses. Since my office is a cool and comfortable ~60 degrees I need versatile dresses that will allow options for cardigans and leggings.

My new finds:

Comfortable for work. Great for summer BBQ’s. It’s from Target and was on clearance.

Sorry, this one is so small. Click on the dress for a better look.

I’ve recently discovered Mod Cloth. It is the prefect balance for me. I fell in the love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I needed a dress for my brother’s upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner and this one will be perfect.

Another Mod Cloth find. I know a lot of people getting married and I always enjoy a good excuse to expand the “wedding wardrobe”. Thanks to the opinion of a few “experts” I decided to land this one.

The nice thing about the these dresses is that I can take them from day to night. I’m pretty excited about this.

New dresses mean new shoes. Go over to La Petite Pancake and sign up for your chance to win a Zappos Giftcard!

Movie Monday

The Biggest Surprises

As I made my way through the AFI Top 100 Movies, I knew there would be some movies that I hated and some I loved. The best part about this were those movies that completely surprised me.

The General: A silent movie about a train engineer during the Civil War.  Johnny loses his love after he is rejected to join the Confederate Army. After his train is high-jacked, and his love just happens to be on board, Johnny is able to avenge his honor. The movie is actually pretty funny and the stunts done in the movie are amazing considering the 1926 release date.  Interestingly enough, upon the release of this movie, it received terrible reviews. Now it is considered one of the greatest.

Some Like it Hot: Another comedy that I was pleasantly surprised with. With Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe-this movie was made to be a classic. When Lemmon and Curtis are forced to disguise themselves as women and travel with an all female band, nothing but hilarity can ensue. The lines in the movie have perfect delivery and they have just the right amount of wit that I enjoy. I’ve watched this movie a few times now, and love it every time.

It Happened One Night: I’m probably a sucker for Clark Gable, but this is the perfect romantic comedy! I had no idea what to expect with this one, but I loved it. The theme is timeless, and every romantic comedy to date needs to thank this movie.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf: The movie showcases Elizabeth Taylor at her finest. She is raw, emotional, and stunning(even though she gained 30 lbs for the role.  The movie (based on a play of the same name) shows a couple where emotional abuse fuels their lives.  This a great drama filled with wonderful acting and direction. I didn’t think I would like this movie, but the movie is perfect drama and a classic.

Surprises will continue next week!