Spring Travels, Part 2

Over Memorial Weekend Jeff and I headed to Chicago to visit his Grandparents and Aunt. It was a great weekend get-a-way full of food, naps, walks, and good times. Jeff Grandparents live in Des Plaines, IL (little known fact–it’s the birthplace of the first franchised McDonald’s).

On Saturday we headed into Chicago. Because I love Top Chef and have grown to love Rick Bayless we needed to check out his restaurant, Frontera Grill. It was pretty amazing. The Guacamole could be considered saintly. We went for brunch and I would love to go back and try his dinner menu.

Next we walked to the John Hancock building to try to get a good view of the city. We went the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. In the good words of my friend Amy,-“You can pay $15 and go up to the top, or you can go to the 96th floor for free and buy a $15 drink.”

The sky was pretty overcast and rainy, but I feel our view was pretty enough to pass.

Afterwords, we walked to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Things got a little crazy when the monsoon hit, but we  made it through watching the monkeys until the rain calmed down.

Finally, to end the day we met Priscilla, John, and Amy for dinner at Hamburger Mary’s. The burger’s were excellent. They had some pretty good micro-brews as well. I ordered a Mighty Aphrodite. Amy’s burger had mac-n-cheese, and Priscilla ordered the Guacamole BJ (enough said). To say that this place was a little colorful would be an understatement. I mean our check came in a high heeled shoe for heaven’s sake.

We then ended the night at a dive bar. I have no idea what the name is. Honestly I’m still trying the repress the memory of the couple making out and groping each other across the room. 🙂

But here is a cute picture of us girls!


One response to “Spring Travels, Part 2

  1. LOVE IT! Come back soon, I know of some other great burger places 🙂

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