Dream Job

I know I’ve said it plenty of times before, but my actual one-and-only dream job was posted last week.

(In the interest of the internet, I won’t provide too many specifics here.)

It’s in a specialty area of what I studied in grad school, and involves working for a city I could not adore more. The person who currently holds the position has done so much for the community, and it would truly be amazing to take over from him.

Sadly, even with a gentle padding of my resume, I’m still a year short of feeling confident in applying. I just started working on similar projects up here on the Prairie, but do not have a real track record that I could apply on. Plus, the starting salary is preeeeetty high, and while that’s not always a reliable indicator, it is quite the kicker.

In the meantime, I did update my resume and send it out to another place. Funny enough, it involves similar subject matter (albeit a different implementation technique) and for a public agency. I really wasn’t planning on putting out any apps until October, but I guess that was an arbitrary deadline.

I really wish I had something more interesting to report! I have several busy weekends ahead of me, which is lovely.


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