Old Lady Weekend

Last summer I was out of town every weekend. This summer is significantly less busy. Unfortunately, the forecast specifies “humid” for the next ten days. Yuck.

A slow weekend means a good time to run errands and do housework. I bought crafting supplies, pondered a new project, did some Excel stuff for work, made an obligatory Target run, and got lunch with Nick’s dad. I finished our book club selection and am already halfway through “Freedom.” I also have the time to try out some new recipes from my new cookbook.

I am ashamed to say I got a Food Network cookbook. I wish the America’s Test Kitchen book was working better for me, but it isn’t. I think with more time, practice, and cooperation with Nick I’ll get better with those recipes, but I had to downgrade to something simple and mindless. Thank you, pop culture. The Food Network ones max out at 4 servings and generally 30 mins or less. I never watch the FN and don’t know who any of their “personalities” are but it’s easy to skip over those parts. I’d say it’s exactly at my skill level — not pushing any boundaries, but still useful. So, not Kat or Kelly material


One response to “Old Lady Weekend

  1. Why the shame? I think most of their chefs know their stuff.

    My current favorite cookbook is Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. The food is fast, easy, and straightforward.

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