Feeling very literary

I ended up with a huge stack of library books today.

On Monday I was very bored (despite having wedding presents to make!! eep!) so I went on Google, searched for “book club books” and went down several lists. I read very quickly, so one book a month only keeps me occupied for three or four days. I figured I might as well get a queue going and have a steady stream waiting for me.

But due to the impressive efficiency of LARL (Lake Aggasiz Regional Library), they all showed up TODAY. D’oh. I have tons of books to read now. Which is good. But I really should be working on those presents first…

As Kat mentioned a little while ago, the NYT paywall went up and a strategy had to be devised. But after settling on the Sunday-only subscription deal (and before I actually bought it), I got an email from Lincoln (the automobiles) offering free NYT access for the rest of the year if I just clicked the link. It was just that simple (although I’m prepared for spam from them, or ads featuring just them).

I told this to Kat today, and she informed me that only 200,000 people were offered that deal. That has got to earn me some current events nerd street cred, right?


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