ohmigod, shoes

I have a new quest to find a pair of “wedding shoes” to get me through the next 2+ years of weddings. Some parameters:

– They should be a neutral (beige, off white, white, bone, etc) color. I have several pairs of black shoes, generally meant for work. A neutral color is less severe, more appropriate for spring/summer weddings, and could go with nearly every dress. (I currently own two or three appropriate dresses, but may be buying another.)

– It should have a low heel. I fall over easily. Weddings last a long time. And, to be honest, I don’t need to be another 3″ taller than my date.

– I am undecided if it should be a peep-toe or not. I’ve never owned a peep-toe pair before. But since I usually don’t wear nylons to summer weddings I could wear a peep-toe.

– Since I plan on wearing these for a few years, I am willing to spent a little more on the shoes. But not that much more.

– I generally shy away from embellishments, but may be willing to make an exception.

(I tried to select images from the web and insert them into this page, but am running into major issues, so I apologize for making you click through.)

Here are some frontrunners:

A little more pink, but I think it’s lovely. Alas, it does not come in my giant foot size.

More business-y, but inoffensive and more textured.

Not sure how I feel about this darker color, and it is pretty tall, but I’m not cutting out anything yet.

More of a yellow-y color, but the strappiness makes it good for weddings.

I am really digging this one, but am afraid it looks too “actual bride” instead of “watching the bride from the pews.”

Slightly more boring, but same problem as above.

And finally, in the “oh my gosh a girl can dream, right?” category: this beauty.

Feedback is appreciated!

And finally, Nick wouldn’t forgive me if I wrote a post about shoes and did not include this:


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