I’m a Gleek

Recently I came across Season 1 of Glee on Netflix instant. Oh.My. God. Why haven’t I watched this show before. So many people have told me how great the show is and I just passed it off.

I’m pretty sure I watched the first season in about 2 weeks. I literally was too busy watching Glee to do anything else. If I wasn’t watching Glee I had the songs in my head or when I heard a song I would think, “I really hope they do this on Glee”. I became obsessed.

The problem occurred when I needed to move on to Season 2. I needed to watch the season to be ready for season 3. Lucky for me, I still own an @edu email account! Thanks to Hulu Plus, I now have a free month subscription, and my love for the show can continued uninterrupted and since Jeff is in New Orleans this week (probably gator wrestling), I have no excuse but to watch it.


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