Movie Monday

Lets talk about Katharine Hepburn.

It should be no surprise she is my favorite actress. Since a very early age I’ve loved her movies.

My favorite: Bringing Up Baby. Katharine plays a Susan Vance, a flighty woman who comes in the possession of a leopard, Baby. She uses Baby to win the heart of David Huxley (Cary Grant). The movie is the cutest thing ever.

Next, the African Queen. Katharine plays an up tight missionary who with the aid of Humphrey Bogart she gets out of Dodge on Bogart’s dirty  steamboat. This movie is filled with adventure and its one of Katharine’s greatest.

In The Philadelphia Story, Hepburn plays love interests to both Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart (Can you say luckiest girl ever?).

As lucky as Katharine Hepburn was to be among the best leading men in the business, she fell head over heels for Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn played in her real life love triangle where she played mistress to Tracy for many years. They played in nine films together and each was better than the previous one.

None of their movies, however, made the AFI Top 100, which seems like a true mistake. Their best movie together, in my opinion, is Guess Who’s coming to Dinner (In an earlier list of AFI Top 100, it was 99, and since has been removed). This movie is truly beautiful and just as equally moving. In the movie Hepburn and Tracy play the parents of a girl who has fallen in love with an African American man and they are hoping to gain the approval of both their parents. The film was release in 1967. When the movie was being film Spencer Tracy wasn’t in the greatest health, and shortly passed away after the filming. Tracy’s failing health was of great concern to Katharine and they both knew it would be there last film together. At the end of the movie, Spencer Tracy has an emotional monologue, and Katharine is by his side–her true feelings can not be hid. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is a beautiful testament to their relationship and to Katharine’s career. 















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