One year anniversary

Since I did a not-so-happy anniversary post in September, I’ll try to keep this one lighter.

Today is one year since Nick left for NJ (the day after his birthday). I’ve spent a few thousand dollars on plane tickets, but otherwise there’s not a whole lot to complain about. We talk on the phone twice a day, and use texting and gChatting for the silly stuff. And despite our occasional declarations that we might have to see each other once every 6 weeks, we still end up doing once every 4, at the most. (Between Jan and now, I saw him three times in 7 weeks!)

Anyways, what did I do with myself once Nick left? I immediately started going to yoga classes. EXCELLENT CHOICE. It killed about 2 hours a night, got me in touch with my body (cheesy, but true), and felt amazing.

Second thing I did: set up a Google Reader account. A must if you have a desk job. Makes your life more organized and up to date. I have always been a source for semi-useful knowledge, and keeping all my reading in one place helps manage it all. (Related: We’re also coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog, so keep an eye out for that!)

I’ve also learned how to cook for myself, how to find new recipes, and how to keep trying if I mess it up.

The biggest change happened a few weeks ago: I started taking up more than half the bed. You should know that the bed is only a full size. Nick bought it during his Rochester years because it was an easier size to move and he knew he wouldn’t be in Rochester for long. It’s taken almost a full year to sleep like I’m not infringing on his space, even though it’s not even big enough for me alone.

And now we’re looking at another yearish apart.  As it stands, we’re hoping Nick can head to the midwest by September, but maybe the end of 2011 is more realistic. My contract is up here in Dec, although there was a casual mention of me staying past that (a whole ‘nother story), so maybe I’m here until March 2012? July 2012? Who knows. For the first time in my life, I’m embracing the unknown and not having a plan (for now).



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