Spring Travel, Part 1.

I went to Long Beach the beginning of May to visit Madelyn and Martha (who tagged along from Denver).  We spent some well deserved time on the beach, watching some baseball (Mads and Martha are the best sports in the whole wide world), drinking wine, and eating some pretty freakin’ amazing food.

We are not sure what beach this, but it was close to "Dog Beach" whatever that means.

The Angels were playing the Indians. My quest for every baseball stadium continues.

Now that I've been to wine country, I think I should run a vineyard. Jeff's cattle can graze on grape leaves.

Why did I leave?

The Palace Grill. The most amazing food E-V-E-R.

On our way back from Solvang (which by the way, is the cutest European town this side of the Meridian) and wine country we stopped in Santa Barbara. We ate at The Palace Grill  a cajun/creole restaurant. It was amazing. I was hesitate at first because I’m not a huge fish or beans fan–but it was beautiful. Their chocolate souffle was divine and I wish I could eat it every single day.

A weekend visiting Madelyn would not be complete without playing Settlers of Catan and eating her new favorite pizza, Roundtable. It was my first attempt at the game and needless to say I failed with epic proportions. But there is always next time.


2 responses to “Spring Travel, Part 1.

  1. bananas foster so good you’ll cry

  2. If only we had a reason for a destination wedding in wine country…

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